What time does service start?

  • 9:30 - Sunday School (We have classes for all ages)
  • 10:45 - Worship Service

Can I bring my kids?

Of course! We have excellent nursery and children workers. However, if you would like to keep them with you in the service, that is also acceptable. We also have a room available for you to stay with your fussy infant or toddler where you can view our service.

What are the services like?

Each service has a time of worship, preaching, bible reading, announcements and offering, but perhaps in a different order

How does the music sound?

Styles range from gospel, hymns, contemporary, rock, and more. Our goal is to please God through worship. We lead and serve the entire body in worshipping God.

What should I wear?

We believe you can worship God in the clothes that you are comfortable in; most of us wear casual clothes on Sunday morning. We'd like you to wear whatever you feel most comfortable in, whether that is a T-shirt and jeans or a business suit.

Are you associated with a denomination?

Battle Creek Bible Church is not associated with any denomination. When the church was started in 1920, it was started with the desire and intention to be a Bible-believing and teaching ministry led by the Lord Jesus Christ and a plurality of elders. We pursue relationships with other local churches for the purpose of unified praise, prayer, and worship of our lord Jesus Christ. Through the years, however, no need or desire has been felt to be formally associated with any denomination.

Do you offer counseling?

Yes. Our pastor and elders do provide some biblical counsel. Please contact the church office or Pastor Larry for counseling. We also do refer members of our congregation to several different counseling organizations.

Can I host an activity at the church?

Currently, only BCBC-generated or BCBC-hosted ministry events are approved for use of the church facilities. For information, policy, or questions contact the church office at bcbiblechurch@comcast.net

What activities can be announced in the bulletin or on the website?

Only BCBC-generated or BCBC-hosted events may be announced in the bulletin or on the website. These events must have the approval of the appropriate ministry leader and/or pastor.

How do I reserve a van for a church activity?

Van use is very restricted. Please contact Steve Mahr (986-8002), Josh Nye (719-7216), or the church office for more information.

Can I have my wedding at the church?

The church is available for weddings to anyone who is attending BCBC on a regular basis. Anyone who desires to be married at BCBC must go through pre-marital counseling and have the blessing of our pastor.

Is the church ever closed due to snow or other bad weather?

Services may be canceled for safety reasons during heavy snowfall when the roads are potentially dangerous or impassable. In case of inclement weather that may affect BCBC activities or services, please check the BCBC website or the church voice mail at 269-968-9245 for updates.